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    Return to Full Function

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    Pain Reduction and Restoration

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I was referred to Cedars Therapy with debilitating nerve pain.  The physical therapy I received there and home exercises I was instructed in greatly relieved my pain and gave me more strength.  I sustained another injury a few months later and was referred there again.  Irene Connolly, PT, MS, is patient, thorough, and exceptionally knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend her to anyone. – Sandy

I had the opportunity to benefit from the care provided by Cedars Physical Therapy following knee arthroscopic surgery. Irene Connolly, PT, MS, treats a patient holistically, taking into account the various factors in the patient's history and presentation; this is unique among today's physical therapy practices. She carefully and patiently considers the multi-faceted nature of the causes and symptoms of  one's problem and is sensitive to the need to modify a treatment regimen to address the patient's unique needs and course of progress.  In addition to her exceptional clinical approach, Ms. Connolly stands out in that she treats her patients as individuals, as opposed to simply clients or customers. The concern and attention she invests is palpable and shapes the quality of care she renders. Any patient at Cedars Physical Therapy will know without a doubt that there is genuine concern behind the treatment they are receiving. This helps to make the recovery process a positive and optimistic experience. I highly recommend Cedars for anyone's physical therapy needs.  – Tony